Current Bible Studies


Course: My Life for the Kingdom – The Story of Joseph

Time: Sundays from 9:25-10:25 am 
Location: Eternal Love Lutheran Church — Chapel
Instructor: Pastor Dave Pries

Description: Joseph’s family was in spiritual chaos. Father Jacob favored Joseph, and his other ten sons hated Joseph for it. Driven by their murderous hearts, they sold their brother into slavery and lied to their father about his fate. How could such a family remain intact? How could God possibly use them to bless the world? Answers await in this study on Genesis 37–50. Can God use you just as he used Joseph? In ten lessons, you will discover the ways God graciously equips you to bless others and learn how he uses evil intentions for your good, just as he did for Joseph and his family. Join us as we follow Joseph’s journey from suffering son to second-in-command and grow in your understanding of how God works in all things to bless his people.



Course: Various studies on The Gospel of Mark
: Sundays from 9:25-10:25 am 
Location: Eternal Love Lutheran Church — Teen Classroom
Instructor: Varies



Course:  The Gospel of Mark 
Time: Wednesdays at 8:30 am
Location: Online via Microsoft Teams (contact for log-in)
Instructor: Pastor Dave Pries

Description:  Mark is the shortest gospel in the Bible, but it is packed with the riches of our Savior Jesus. If you can set aside one hour a week, you will be blessed by God as we take a slow and carful look at parables and miracles and the amazing deliberate actions of Christ. 



Course: Truth in Our Time
Wednesdays at 1:00 pm 
 Eternal Love Lutheran Church — Fellowship Hall
Group Discussion

Description: This is a book study of “Truth in Our Time" by Dr. Paul Kelm. Here’s a brief description of the book from the publisher:

Today’s culture says the only thing that matters is for you to stay true to your truth. Sound a bit confusing? It is. If you feel like you’re drowning in a sea of personal opinions, pseudo-intellectual arguments, media hype, and blatantly biased news feeds, then this book is for you. An unchanging God has spoken timeless truth in his Word. And in this book, author Dr. Paul Kelm shows you how to anchor yourself in the truth of Scripture so you can successfully navigate our confusing culture. You’ll see that God’s truth is the only real truth, and you’ll learn to stand firm in that truth and speak it with love.


Course: What’s Big Starts Small
Wednesdays at 6:30 pm 
Eternal Love Lutheran Church — Fellowship Hall 
Instructor: Pastor Dave Backus

Description: We will study What's Big Starts Small, a book from Time of Grace Ministry by Pastor Mike Novotny. Here's a description from the publisher:

Does Your Faith Seem Stuck? Do you ever feel like you’re not growing in your faith the way you’re supposed to? It turns out, there are forces working against you—threats to your faith—trying to keep you from flourishing in your relationship with God.

One of Jesus’ parables—in fact, the one that gets the most space on God’s sacred pages—deals with this very issue. It’s the story about the sower, the seed, and the soil (Matthew 13). Just as a farmer doesn’t toss seed on the ground to get rid of it, God never brings you into contact with his Word for no reason. A farmer wants fruit, and God wants to help you experience more joy, peace, love, etc.

This book is structured around the six threats Jesus lists in the parable of the sower and the seed—pride, pain, worries, wealth, wants, and not waiting—and the corresponding strategies to overcome them. If you’re wondering why your faith isn’t working in some aspects of your life, the message of this book may be what you’ve been looking for.

Men of all ages are welcome! Participants are asked to buy a copy of the book on their own.